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I started working out with Shana in 2003. Even though I had been going to the gym for years, I did not think I was wired for a different body. I was not in bad shape, but at 50+ things were starting to shift. Shana's guidance on nutrition and her ability to vary my exercise programs ("I don't want you or your body to get bored...") has resulted in better fitting clothes, better sleep, and better health.

When Shana opened her studio in 2007, she somehow managed to find like-minded trainers to work with her. Their knowledge along with what Shana has shared with them about health and fitness keeps working for me. I look forward to my workouts with Shana and her staff. The time I've spent with her has been a tremendously rewarding investment. I see and feel the good results. I am committed to the belief that a coach who understands your goals and abilities will help you create and maintain a healthier and happier life.
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Shana's comments on Dan
Dan is a successful businessman who owns and manages several restaurants here in Houston. Every day he works alongside his employees to ensure that his customers are taken care of and that the food being served is of the highest quality. He's a very busy man. But he realizes that if he's not at the top of his game, then his business suffers right along with him. He has managed to make exercise a part of his life. Over the years he has developed great muscle tone, a nagging back injury is no longer an issue, and he has the energy and stamina to keep up with people half his age. He's a shining example to the baby boom generation.
A strange mixture of emotions followed me to the gym for our final meeting. I was apprehensive, definitely, but also I was confident. Seventeen weeks earlier I had enrolled in a program offered by Shana Ross. She told me I would lose weight and change my body shape on her plan. I was confident because I could easily tell the difference in my body since yielding to Shana, but apprehensive because I didn't know if I had met my personal goal. I was carrying the size-12 LizGolf shorts that had cost me $40 and I was about to learn if I could cut the tags off my dream shorts.

I knew Shana would be pleased with the data she gathered on me and I too was pleased with the results of eating right and lifting weights. And I knew in my heart that if I didn't reach my personal goal of size-12 on that day I would another day, soon. I would reach the goal because Shana had given me information that changed my life. Make no mistake; I did not like the information. I did not like hearing that I needed to eat every 3½ to 4 hours and lifting weights would be a part of my daily routine. I didn't like hearing it and I wasn't eager to do it. But then I evaluated the results of doing it my way. I had been working out and eating better on my own for about a year and my over age 50, menopausal 30 pounds was still there. I finally decided I would do it Shana's way and the results are why I have written this open letter. I remember saying to our group about half way through, "It's working, damn it. That means I have to keep doing it." I got really lucky when I found Shana through a good friend.
The things I like about Shana:
1. She never lied to me.
2. She treated me like an adult yet tended to my needs.
3. She answered every question.
4. She truly understood my excuses but didn't let me limit myself because of them.
5. She's a happy person.
Shana's comments on Donna
Donna was part of a pilot program that I conducted on weight loss for menopausal women. She had tried for some time to lose weight and just couldn't make it happen. But Donna is a determined athlete and a heckuva woman. She channeled her competitive spirit into learning how to rev up her lagging metabolism by fueling her body with high octane nutrients, committing to a rigorous resistance training program which re-shaped her body, and to improving her stamina with aerobic training. Donna hits the studio three days a week at 5:30 am to take AJ’s small group boot camp class. She’s a force to be reckoned with and a great example to women approaching their 60’s who might think it’s too late to get in better shape.
A dear friend gave me a gift certificate for a fitness assessment and three training sessions with her personal trainer. She was very pleased with the results she had seen with Shana, and she knew that I wanted to lose weight and improve my level of fitness. She also knew that I had tried many diet programs like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. I did lose weight on those programs, but as soon as something happened to get me off track, I would put the weight back on.

After my initial sessions with Shana, I was sold. I liked that she was willing to work with me and my health issues specifically and not just provide me with a cookie-cutter workout. She customizes my workouts to enable me to strengthen my body without hurting my joints, and continually varies my program to keep me from getting bored. Shana is always looking for new ways to help improve my overall health and fitness and sharing them with me to keep me motivated and moving forward.

I have lost weight and kept it off. You see, Shana doesn't just hand you a meal plan and say, "Eat this and you'll lose weight." She educates you about nutrition; you learn how to create a better metabolism and fuel your body to do the work required to improve your overall health. In addition to the weight loss, I've lost inches and re-shaped my body, which has helped me have a much more positive and confident body image. While the weight loss is slow, I am confident that I will never be as heavy as I once was. Shana genuinely cares about each of her clients, and that's probably why she has so many devoted customers like me.
Shana's comments on Marian
In need of a knee replacement and possibly a hip replacement due to arthritis, Marian has a perfect excuse for not being able to exercise — if she chose to use it. Some days she's so stiff and her joint pain so bad that she has trouble getting around. But she shows up. And, by slowly warming her muscles and stretching her tight body, we are able to get her through a workout that leaves her feeling better. She's lost weight, and despite her inability to work her lower body very well, we've managed to add muscle tone to her legs, which helps with her knee and hip pain. No excuses and a determined outlook can produce great results. Marian proves this daily. I'm very proud of her.
I don't know you, but if you've read this far I'm being your really good friend and telling you that you're going to be really lucky if you choose to work with Shana and her staff.
P.S. My shorts fit that day and still do thanks to AJ's group classes three mornings a week.
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